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Learn to Paint in Paris

Three-day En Plein Air Oil Painting Classes with International Master Artist Michael Britton

I have benefited from the classes I attended. I learnt a lot from you, especially what you said about art is the process of taking away and adding over and over. I also learnt that some of the shortcuts I saw online were bad methods. It was immensely helpful and an eye-opening experience. Thank you for being so patient and cheerful.

Jary T., Singapore, 2018

I had such a great time; I've never taken an art class before but Michael was very patient and helpful, and catered to every skill level. We started out the morning with a demonstration and then got started. Before I knew it, it was time for lunch!

All in all, I learned a lot, met some lovely people, and had such an enjoyable day - I'd definitely recommend this class and am already thinking about when I can book it again.

Amanda, London, UK

I have been painting all of my life ... six decades. A sobering thought. My life is travel and painting now, dividing my time between Paris and Thailand punctuated with jaunts to Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali and Manila to teach painting workshops.

It is especially important in one's, dare I say it, later years to be engaged in a pursuit (whether it be painting, writing, etc.). Better still that that pursuit be a consuming passion. Travel alone does not satisfy that criteria; sooner or later the wonderment of new places is diminished.

Paris art class

Get a taste of my three-day Painting Paris Workshops! Enjoy! And Share!

Painting en plein air is an indeligible etching of memories and shared experience. Paint is permanent.

It is my goal to ignite within you a passion for painting.

My teaching process is to more than train you in the craft of painting; it is also to provide a pathway to your own unique expression and voice.

The class size is small. Only four participants ensuring a dedicated learning environment for both beginners and advanced painters.

If you are unsure about committing to a full three-day workshop you can join me via Airbnb Experiences for an introductory lesson on painting.

The Workshops

To successfully engage in en plein air painting a skill-set of drawing and paint application is essential. These workshops are designed to train you in these skills.

You will complete three oil paintings working in various locations in central Paris.

You will be painting on panel which will be prepared beforehand with gesso and the imprimatura. Panels are ideal for travel and your paintings will be packed so that they are ready to travel.

paris art painting class

My teaching style is a layered approach vis-a-vis demonstrations and personal guidance.

The class-size is small. It is limited to only four participants. The classes are taught in English and are open to both beginners through advanced.

All of your materials are provided: professional grade (Old Holland) oil paints, brushes, palette, easel, prepared wood panel, etc.

At the end of each painting day we will discuss the day's work with a Parissien-style picnic of red wine (or juice), baguette and cheese.



The initial blocking-in requires several criteria that need to be met simultaneously: foremost is the Notan (dark/light harmonic pattern). The Notan is what sticks a painting to the wall.

paris art class english

In addition to the Notan the student will be introduced to the elements of dynamic symmetry (harmonious divisions of space, i.e., rabatement, reciprocals) to refine their composition.

Once the major shapes and rhythm of the painting are established the drawing is then articulated with the brush.


The Abbozzo is the initial dead coloring in. The color arrangement (with attendant discussion of color contrasts), in correspondence with the Notan/Composition, establishes Unity.

The Abbozzo is scrubbed in flat and slightly darker than the actual values.

paris art class english


The articulation of form and the abstract structural surface of the paint is developed. Using brush, knife and fingers (to pull down and flatten passages) the manifold potentials of oil paint's patina will be explored.

paris art class english

Summer 2019 Workshop Schedule

Fridays through Sundays
10:00 to 3:00
You will be informed of each day's location which will be within a short walking distance of the Metro

Workshops are taught in English.

Fee: Euro 347 (workshops are limited to four)
Payment can be made via Paypal or Zelle (requires a participating US bank, write me at for details)

Workshop 1: June 14 to 16

Workshop 2: June 21 to 23

Workshop 3: July 5 to 7

Workshop 4: July 19 to 21

Workshop 5: August 2 to 4

Workshop 6: August 16 to 18

Refunds: For a full refund contact me at least seven (7) days before your workshop is scheduled to begin.


If you prefer a one-day painting class in Paris I also teach through Airbnb Experiences.

paris art class english paris art class english paris art class english
paris art class english paris art class english paris art class english

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'I've learnt more about portrait drawing from your video workshops than I have from my previous face to face courses combined and at a fraction of the cost. Your teaching is comprehensive, yet clear and engaging.'

P. Delaney

Paris art class


Painting Clara Serena: Painting portraits in oil

Bangkok ... September 2019
Singapore ... October 2019
Hong Kong ... October 2019
Manila ... November 2019

Michael Britton is a New York City trained artist (New York Academy of Art) who has taught several thousand artists (some of whom have gone on to full-time art careers as painters and teachers) in his several decades long career. He was the Artistic Director of the Vancouver Academy of Art, Canada for six years and has also taught drawing for Walt Disney Studios, amongst numerous other appointments throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. He is also the author of several art-training videos.

paris art class english