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The basic building blocks of painting are color, composition and drawing. Once you have acquired a working competency in drawing you will be ready to start painting. Drawing is a fundamental requisite to painting as 90% of painting is 'drawing' with the brush. The painting lessons are listed in sequential order. Our recommendation is to begin with the Applied Color Theory Workshop, the Notan Workshop, Color Paths and then the Symphonic Composition Workshop.

Painting Lessons - Applied Color Theory WorkshopColor Paths | Michael Britton

Applied Color Theory Workshop

For All Levels

Color is the prime material of painting; it is the spirit and core of visual art making and, like music, color notes guide and move the viewer throughout a painting in a logical and transcendent sequence. Applied Color Theory is much more than just a compilation of art theory ...this is a hands on workshop.

Workshop Review

I am working on a big canvas and was just rereading your colour theory course. I wanted to tell you again how very valuable it has been to me and how very much impressed I am with the course and that text. Just now finishing a Fine Arts degree at UBC, nothing I have taken has ever come close to the wealth of content and information that your course has given me.

Barbara Nield
Vancouver, Canada

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Applied Color Theory Workshop

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THE NOTAN | A new workshop by Michael Britton

Notan is a Japanese word that means light/dark harmony. It is one of the four principles of pictorial design that literally stick paintings to the wall and grab the viewer. When paintings work in black and white--they work.

For every artist who strugges with wishy-washy paintings and strives to become a better painter there is no surer route than acquiring an understanding of the Notan.

Paintings built upon a solid notan design of harmonious unity project a directness and simplicity that is felt on both a conscious and subconscious level. The viewer's eye is able to take in the entire composition at once and be moved by it.

NOTAN: Portrait Drawing Lessons

NOTAN : the workshop is designed as a three-day, intensive hands-on workshop. This e-book takes you step-by-step with explanatory demonstrations and painting exercises toward acquiring a new sense and appreciation for developing compelling paintings. Both beginners and advanced artists will benefit significantly.

In fact I feel so strongly about the need for every struggling painter to understand the principles of the Notan that I am offering this workshop for only $14.97! You'll pay upwards of $350, and more, for the same information at an in-studio workshop.

BONUS - Art Structure - Portrait Drawing Lessons

AND as an added BONUS I am including the companion e-book ART Structure: the Elements of Visual Design for Drawing & Painting FREE!

All told, this is 75 pages dedicated to training you to make powerful paintings that grab and sell!


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Color Paths | Michael Britton

COLOR PATHS: A new workshop by Michael Britton

For only $14.97 my new Color Paths workshop is a four lesson e-book workshop that trains you how to create powerful and dynamic visual pathways in your paintings. The workshop is open to all medias, i.e., oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolor. The third lesson focuses on watercolor.

Over 30 pages, that step-by-step trains you in the arrangement of color paths that powerfully impact the emotional timbre and meanings that you seek to convey in your paintings.


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POWER RHYTHMS: A new workshop by Michael Britton

Beginning painters learn to paint things, i.e., a still life arrangement, a portrait, a figure, etc. The experienced artist paints narratives; they tell a story; and every story must possess a rhythm that engages the viewer.

Power Rhythms is the third workshop training you in the underlying elements of painting. Designed as a week-end workshop this information is rarely offered at art schools and is usually taught only in a mentored one-to-one relationship ... until now.

ONLY $14.97!

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Painting lessons | Composition

Symphonic Composition: The elements of pictorial division

The Symphonic Composition Workshop was filmed live at the Vancouver Academy of Art in May 2003. Not only will you see Michael Britton presenting the keys to composition step-by-step, but unlike the workshop enviroment, Mr. Britton has enhanced the lesson plans with numerous special chapters that are available only in the instant download video workshop. This Workshop is for all levels of painters. It incorporates a layered, step-by-step approach to learning and assumes that you have very little, if any, knowledge of geometry.

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The Workshop Details...

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Painting the Figure in Watercolor

Painting the Figure in Watercolor
All Levels

This 2-hour instant video download painting demonstration is live, uncensored and uncut. Painting the Figure in Watercolor: Britton Live & Raw is quite different from an instructional video.

Way back in 1998 in front of an audience of over 100 artists – the studio was filled to overflowing – I gave a major live demonstration on painting the figure in watercolor. Almost life-size in fact. This was a fairly large painting and I only had two hours to do it. Here you will see not only my full figure painting approach, but very importantly, how I actually apply the paint. Especially when I’m in full painting mode.

Painting the Figure in Watercolor

Instant Video Download, 2 hours, FOR ONLY $27!

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Painting Clara Serena | Toward a Professional Oil Painting Practice

All Levels

Master paintings, the great ones of which Clara Serena is well within the upper ranks, change as they are seen over the decades of one’s life. We experience great works of art differently when we are older than in our youth.

When planning Clara Serena | toward a professional painting practice, I knew that it would be a significant, perhaps impossible, challenge to simultaneously explain and demonstrate while painting off to the side of my easel (how else could I present the painters’ view to the camera) the highest achievement of portrait painting in Western Art. Clara Serena rests above Rubens’ ouevre, he neither equaled nor surpassed this personal expression of love of both painting and his daughter in his long and very productive career.

Studying and copying master works is the most efficient training that one can pursue: beginners can be assured that they are on the right track and not being led down a garden path to a dead-end, and advanced artists will discover deeper layered meanings and techniques.

Painting Clara Serena | Learn to paint portraits in oil from A to Z!  ONLY $127!

Painting Clara Part 1

The Workshop Details ...

Painting portraits in oil lessons
Michael Britton, Copy of Rubens' Clara Serena , Oil on Panel

Michael Britton, Arrangement in Phi
Michael Britton, Arrangement in Root Phi, Graphite Cartoon / Watercolor

All Levels

When we look at our own work we tend to see through a veil colored by our intent and ambition. Sometimes we are unduly harsh with ourselves; othertimes not critical enough. We are also blind toward works that we have spend an inordinate amount of time on. And sometimes we simply lack the knowledge and skills to achieve what we want.

The surest way to improve and acquire a rock solid foundation is through a mentored relationship with a skilled professional artist. Unfortunately, for most that is an impossibility due either to geography or finances.

Online training provides an extremely affordable venue for acquiring your foundational skills, but what then? How do you know if you are on the right track?

Often when we seek the input of other artists at life drawing sessions, classes or other gatherings, an honest critique is deferred. Almost everyone is overly careful not to give offence and the result is we grow wary of casual praise.

The solution, and a sure path to artistic growth, is with an honest and constructive critique that pinpoints your weaknesses and offers guidance and exercises to improve your drawing and painting.

A critique is a private lesson where your work is the focus!

Your critique will be written and include corrections and suggestions to your drawing and painting. Your critique will be in PDF (just like the Drawing EZine) so that you can easily refer back to it again and again.

The introductory fee for critiquing a drawing is $35 and for a painting $55. But I can only accept eight participants at a time which assures for high quality and thoughtful critiques. On payment you will immediately receive instructions on how to submit your drawing or painting for critique.

Critique My Drawing for $35

Critique my drawing for only $35

Critique My Painting for $55

Critique my Painting

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