Every child has the spirit of creation. The rubbish of life often exterminates the spirit through plague and a souls own wretchedness.

Peter Paul Rubens

Portrait drawing lessons - calligraphy

I use the kneaded eraser like a paint brush. The transitional edges of form are delicately cross-hatched with the eraser. The high value tones are touched out. This is similar to spotting a form with a pigment loaded brush in oil painting to snap an element into promin- ence.

Significant expressive mileage can be achieved through the additive/ substractive texturing of flesh tones. Smooth, doll-like flesh tones carry little probity and are, more often than not, unconvincing.

Portrait Drawing Lessons - The Practice of Tone

The Practice of Tone for Portrait Artists Workshop
Intermediate/Advanced (4 hours)

The Practice of Tone for Portrait Artists is a four-hour instant download workshop that demonstrates the entire process of rendering form. Working within the facial arena I begin by quickly sketching in the features, followed by blocking-in the primary light/dark pattern before embarking on the long process of applying sanguine conte, stumping it in and then delicately lifting it with painterly strokes of a kneaded eraser.

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