Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.

Leonardo da Vinci

Portrait Drawing Lessons - Plasticity

Tortillons (paper stumps) are used to articulate the finer forms. A keen understanding of anatomy and planar structure is essential, otherwise one is left floundering amongst unintelligible and vague forms.

A sound foundation in portait drawing is built layer by layer, step by step. That is my teaching method; gimmicks and sleight-of-hand shortcuts make me shudder. To a beginner clever gimmicks may appear wondrous, but like a magician's trick seen several times, the magic quickly fades.

Portrait drawing made easy is an ill-conceit. You have to respect the art first. Acquire a sound foundational practice and the deep satisfaction that comes from the intimate correspondence that is portrait drawing is readily accessible to anyone willing to apply themselves to the effort required.

Mastering Portrait Drawing 1: the frontal pose
Recommended for Beginners and those with some drawing experience

Drawing portraits is generally something that most people assume one must be born with a talent for. Sure there are those for whom portait drawing is a God-given talent, but everyone no matter what their 'talent' level must study and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to grow and develop as an artist.

Once you attain the skill-set of portrait drawing you will find it to be immensely satisfying and your growth as an artist will accelerate. Seeing the likeness of your loved one or client or model emerging from the paper under your hand is a real accomplishment. Much better than to forever be struggling with the basics of portrait drawing with little or no progress.

Portrait Drawing Lessons - Mastering Portrait Drawing the frontal pose

A recent testimonial ...

I purchased one of your workshops yesterday (the Mastering Portrait Drawing - the Frontal Pose). I just wanted to contact you directly to pass on my gratitude for your outstanding teaching. For several years I have struggled to find any good material on portrait drawing, let alone material that is so affordable, using multimedia.

I've learnt more about portrait drawing from your video workshop than I have from my previous face to face courses combined and at a fraction of the cost. Your teaching is comprehensive, yet clear and engaging. And the PDF ebooks provided as a bonus with the workshop were worth the price alone, and are superior to the expensive, difficult to find paper-books that I've seen in bookshops and art-stores. I look forward to doing more of your workshops to help me become a skilled artist.

Many Regards
Peter Delaney, Sydney, Australia

Also included is my Atlas of Facial Anatomy and my Fundamentals in Portrait Drawing, Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4. These PDF E-books (each averaging 75 pages) sell individually for over $60. And they get you STARTED  NOW!

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