Learn to draw and paint portraits

Dear Michael,

Before I found you I had a natural ability to create some nice work in different mediums. However I never knew why or the rules or disciplines to make ones work a better piece. It always seem to turn out nice but after much frustration and correction. Proportions were often off and your lessons are a great help. I love that you started at the beginning as if we knew nothing. That is how it should be taught. Thats why you are "Master" Artist Michael Britton. A well deserved title.

Barbara V.
Trilogy, CA, USA

Sarah painting

Portrait Drawing Lessons

Michael Britton, Verna, Graphite, 12x24" 2004

Portrait Drawing Mastery

The Portrait Drawing Mastery Studio Collection

The Complete Instant Download Portrait Drawing Training Program

The Portrait Drawing Mastery Studio contains everything you need to become a fully rounded portrait artist. Suitable for the hobbyist or professional at any level from beginner to advanced who wants college-level instruction in all aspects of portrait drawing.

Whether you want to paint, sculpt or draw portraits - Drawing is the foundation of all art. This is a truth, which has been taught for centuries by all the greatest masters and still holds true today even if you only want to do expressionistic or abstract art.

Another truism is painting mistakes are generally drawing mistakes. As a figurative painter, I can tell you this is an infallible truth. Master your drawing now and save yourself heartbreak later. It is quite disillusioning to spend weeks and months on a painting and as it nears completion all of those drawing errors begin to emerge and take center stage.

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The Portrait Drawing Mastery Studio

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Online portrait drawing lessons

The Foundation in Drawing Suite

The Foundation in Drawing Suite includes both the Beginning to Draw and Mastering Portrait Drawing 1: the frontal pose instant download workshops.

Equal to a full semester of art school the Foundation in Drawing Suite is jam packed with rock solid instruction, skill building exercises and demonstrations designed especially for beginning artists. Learn how to draw anything as you are expertly guided through the basics of sighting and measuring, drawing technique, understanding tone, composing your pictorial surface, perspective primer, the history of drawing, and artistic terminology. Full demonstrations on the still life, drawing the portrait, dynamic drapery, and how to handle various drawing media such as classical sanguine and black conté, graphite pencil, and charcoal.

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Practice of Mixing Flesh Tones

The Practice of Mixing Flesh Tones & Spotting Color Notes

The Newest Release by Michael Britton

No more chalky and lifeless portraits! In this 6 hours and 45 minutes download video workshop you will learn step-by-step the time-tested principles of mixing fleshtones that breath life and emotion.

With each guided exercise your skill and understanding of mixing flesh tones will deepen as you learn the practice of juxtaposing cool and warm hues with tint, tone, shade and complementaries.

And that's only the first part of this indepth six hours and 45 minutes workshop. The second part teaches you how to apply the paint and develop your own expressive brushwork and voice. Spotting color notes is an elegant and dynamic process of painting. It is the method of Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Manet, Wyeth, etc.

Rembrandt Laughing portrait painting class

Rembrandt Laughing

The language of painting is distinct from the language of photography. Painting has its own evolved syntax and grammar. The insiduous language of the photograph is a major obstacle when learning how to draw and paint. Most beginning artists, and very advanced ones too, strive to emulate the photograph. This is even true when students are working from life.

Why you must copy master artists

For centuries artists have learned how to paint by copying master artists. Rembrandt copied Titian, so too did his contemporary Rubens. Copying is the surest and most efficient way to learn both how to paint and the language of painting.

Copying is much more than creating an exact copy, it is learning the creative process of painting and it is through copying that you peel away your preconceptions of what painting is and train yourself to see through the painters' eye.

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Atlas of Facial Anatomy

Atlas of Facial Anatomy

Ninety minutes of video and 84 page Ebook is your comprehensive reference for portrait drawing anatomy. The skeletal and musculature of both the frontal and 7/8’s profile view are presented indepth with detailed, full color images and descriptions that can be magnified for easy study.

The Ebook and Video for only $37