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Beginner drawing lessons - shoe8

Drawing an Old Shoe for Beginners

This lesson, abridged from my Beginning to Draw Workshop, encompasses three important elements in drawing: foreshortening, line quality and composition. Drawing an old shoe is a time-honored training exercise.

Portrait Drawing Lessons - Verna in Conte

A Portrait of Verna in Sanguine Conte

As an artist you need to do more than just draw or paint a face to create a compelling work. Your portrait must be read as a unified correspondence between the figure (the object) and the ground (your canvas, the pictorial surface). Frankly, this correspondence is much more important than a well rendered head. As an accomplished realist artist I do know whence I speak.

How to Draw Hair

How to Draw Hair

Rendering hair is dictated by several factors: the type of hair, its color, texture, quantity; the arrangement and styling of the hair; the personality and mood of the sitter; and the light effect upon the hair.

For this lesson I have chosen the profile view as it lends itself to a more direct understanding of hair rather than the frontal pose where one is confronted with the issue of foreshortening and perspective.

Portrait Drawing Lessons - Drawing Isabella-18

Drawing Isabella Brant

As a teacher Rubens was a staunch believer in the benefits of copying master works. Throughout his career Rubens – the greatest painter of his time! – continuously copied the works of Titian and drew from classical Greek sculpture. He well understood that drawing is a language whose expression is strengthened by studying his predecessors.


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