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Michael Britton, Joyce, Sanguine Conte, 2012

Mastering Portrait Drawing 3: Advanced Techniques & Considerations

Portraits that move and stay with us are those that tell a story and connect us with a shared humanity. The best works are those that present both monumental descriptions of form and an empathetic treatment of character and personality.

Mastering Portrait Drawing 3: Advanced Techniques & Considerations pursues this discourse of portraiture using sanguine conte. My subject is a lively, life-tested woman captured in a candid glance. It is a momentary pose whose transience speak volumes of an easy, social engagement.

Mastering Portrait Drawing 3: Advanced Techniques & Considerations presents several challenges. Foremost is the casual gesture that is underpinned by a convex, 3-dimensional facial angle and the immediacy of an inquisitive gaze through a pair of glasses.

The eyes and the glasses should be rendered simultaneously to effect a natural feeling in your portraits. An example to consider is the refraction of light passing through the lenses affecting the forms of the eyes.

And yet another issue presents itself: should the glasses be rendered fully or succinctly suggested. Every drawing demands it own solution. These are considerations that every artist must deal with.

Many artists have trouble with drawing a convincing relaxed and candid smile. Knowing which form and shape corresponds to which muscle grouping helps immensely but you also need to know where to place the emphasis of line and tone. Otherwise a cheerful smile can quickly deteriorate into a sarcastic smirk.

In this three and one-half hours workshop I comprehensively discuss and demonstrate the entire step-by-step process of drawing the portrait in sanguine conte from its initial beginning to completion.

This workshop is for the intermediate to advanced artist.

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