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Get started right now! The Portrait Drawing Mastery Studio is THE comprehensive portrait artist's training and education!

The Portrait Drawing Mastery Studio contains everything you need to become a fully rounded portrait artist. Suitable for the hobbyist or professional at any level from beginner to advanced who wants college-level instruction in all aspects of portrait drawing.

Whether you want to paint, sculpt or draw portraits - Drawing is the foundation of all art. This is a truth, which has been taught for centuries by all the greatest masters and still holds true today even if you only want to do expressionistic or abstract art.

An enormous amount of thought and care has been put into developing these instant download programs as a total package for your highest learning advantage.

Another truism is painting mistakes are generally drawing mistakes. As a figurative painter, I can tell you this is an infallible truth. Master your drawing now and save yourself heartbreak later. It is quite disillusioning to spend weeks and months on a painting and as it nears completion all of those drawing errors begin to emerge and take center stage.

Portrait drawing lessons | The Compleat Studo Collection

The central focus of the collection is our best-selling Mastering Portrait Drawing 1, 2 & 3 workshops. These workshops will lay the solid foundation and be your eternal reference material for improving your portraits year after year. (You won’t absorb it all the first time).

As you become more advanced your perception becomes more sensitive, your hand-to-eye coordination improves, your ability to judge distances get more accurate, your skill at handling materials excels, your eye becomes more critical in judging errors.

Whether you are at the beginner or advanced level the method of drawing portraits remains the same - but over time and with practice, your experience, knowledge, and skill grows ever more refined and the process will become faster, easier, more natural and fluid and much more confident and proficient.

This takes time, diligence, dedication and patience to achieve. But you get to decide how far you want your artwork to go - whether as a hobbyist or a professional. That’s the beauty of having this collection as your permanent reference as opposed to doing the odd workshop. It’s there to guide you on your journey in the years to come, day by day.

As the Chinese proverb says - the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - such is your odyssey to portrait mastery. This journey, however, never ends. There is always room for improvement, no matter what level you achieve. Studying fine art is endlessly stimulating, challenging, fun, exciting - an adventure of the highest magnitude without even having to leave your home or studio. I hope you will join me on this incredible journey and let me be your guide.

Contents of the Portrait Drawing Mastery Collection

Mastering Portrait
Drawing 1

Mastering Portrait
Drawing 2

Mastering Portrait
Drawing 3

Mastering Portrait Drawing 1: The Frontal Pose (four hour workshop) Reg. $57

Mastering Portrait Drawing 2: The 7/8 Profile View (four hour workshop) Reg. $57

Mastering Portrait Drawing 3: Advanced Techniques & Considerations Mastering Portrait Drawing 3: Advanced Techniques & Considerations (3 1/2 hour workshop) Reg. $67

GET STARTED IMMEDIATELY! with THESE FIVE PDF E-BOOKS! That's a $62.55 straight-up value!

Atlas of Facial Anatomy

This 84 page PDF Download is your comprehensive reference for portrait drawing anatomy. The skeletal and musculature of both the frontal and 7/8’s profile view are presented indepth with detailed, full color images and descriptions that can be magnified for easy study. The Atlas of Facial Anatomy alone sells for $19.95!

Fundamentals in Portrait Drawing | Volume 1

Recommended for the beginning portrait artist. The PDF e-book contains 11 step-by-step portrait drawing lessons beginning with how to begin a portrait drawing and concluding with developing tone (shading). Also included are the facial features - drawing the eyes, nose, mouth, & the ear. 76 pages total!

Fundamentals in Portrait Drawing | Volume 2

Recommended for the intermediate portrait artist. The PDF e-book contains 10 portrait drawing lessons:

Drawing the Tilted Head; Rendering Hair; Drawing Children; Portrait with a Large Hat; The Construct; Incorporating a Hand; Elements of Facial Expression Part 1; Elements of Facial Expression Part 2; The Foreshortened Reclined Head; The Clavicles; & The Neck: Form & Structure. 75 pages total!

Fundamentals in Portrait Drawing | Volume 3

Recommended for the intermediate to advanced artist. This PDF e-book contains 9 lessons on drawing portraits with sanguine contè and the additive/subtractive process of building form. Also includes three lesson on the linear portrait using both black and sanguine contè. 73 pages total!

Foundations in Portrait Drawing | Volume 4: Advanced Techniques

2nd Edition includes three new lessons to fully develop your advanced portrait drawing skills!

Seven intensive lessons on advanced portrait drawing techniques!

Lesson 1: Drawing the 3/4 View with Hand in Graphite
Lesson 2: Lost & Found: Drawing the 7/8's Profile View in Conte
Lesson 3: From Hell to High Water: How to correct your conte portrait drawing when things go awry
Lesson 4: Simpliccissimus: About Shape
Lesson 5: Looking Through Rubens' Eyes
Lesson 6: Drawing Isabella
Lesson 7: Towards a Professional Practice - Sketching the Portrait in Oil

133 pages with larger, expandable images. This instant download lesson is SEVEN workshops in ONE!

PLUS you get my Drawing Hands Workshop FREE!

Knowing how to draw hands is indispensable to portrait and figure artists. Whether your work is high realism or more gesturally expressive you know how important it is to render hands that work. No more hidden hands or banana fingers! This is a no nonsense, step-by-step structural approach to understanding the hand.

Drawing Hands presents four lessons on drawing the hand: Beginning with the anatomy of the hand you then proceed to a structural line drawing and then progress to rendering and constructing tone in graphite pencil;you will then conclude the workshop with a complete lesson in drawing the hand in sanguine conte from beginning to end.

Drawing Hands - Palmar Aspect

Individually all of these workshops sell for OVER $290!!

Your savings are extravagant! To say the least!

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