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Finding the right teacher, one you can actually learn from, is a critical first step in your career as an artist.

The focus of my teaching is on the technical nuts and bolts of portrait drawing and painting. This begins with training you to see and accurately ascribe shape. Everything, everything builds upon this one skill which is readily acquired. If you are taught properly and do the exercises.

Since 2004 The Drawing EZine is a thrice-monthly series of free lessons. The primary lesson each month is a substantive step-by-step drawing lesson concentrating on a specific aspect of the portrait such as striking the arabesque (the overall shape of the head), the features, rendering hair, etc. Many lessons are written for the beginner, others are directed toward the intermediate and advanced artist.

The second component of The Drawing EZine is my Meet the Masters series. An awareness of art history and the masters of the past is important to the furtherance of deeper, layered meanings in your art.

The Blackboard is a new series of both comic and evocative essays on what it means to be an artist -- the joys and the frustrations, the successes and recognizing the sometimes obscure pathways to growth revealed by failure.

Advertising in The Drawing EZine is kept to a minimum. Much, much less than is found in paid for magazines. Generally I advertise a workshop that is related to the thrust of that month's lesson for those who are serious about building their skills to a high level. I do send out a reminder when a special offer is about to end.

As to your privacy I never lend nor rent by subscriber list. I resent having my time wasted by spam and I am sure that you do too.

Our email deliver system is extremely stringent. It fully complies with CANSPAM and the strict requirements of Yahoo, Hotmail and Google. This means that you need to confirm your subscription. The system sends you a separate email in which to do so.

And if I am not the teacher for you then you can unsubscribe with a single click and never hear from me again.

Best of all The Drawing EZine is FREE!

Hello Michael -

Every time I receive a newsletter-lesson, I'm overwhelmed by your generosity. Your encouragement about dedicating even a small amount of time every day to drawing makes long-term goals seem realistic. Sometimes when I get home from work, I just want to crash or play a game of Scrabble. But I force myself to set up my drawing materials and the energy comes from somewhere to draw for at least an hour.

I just received my first commission. Our family physician asked me to do a painting (from a photo) of his three children. All three of them are playing violins. It's a very challenging assignment, but a beautiful composition.

A year ago I would have thought such a project would have been impossible for me to do. I found the courage to say "yes" I would love to do this painting. I started to do sketches immediately that evening. My mother (whom I live with) was skeptical - I think she was concerned I would embarrass myself. She said "are you ready for something like this? Maybe you should start with just a simple portrait of one person." However, after she saw my sketches she said "I love it!" "It's going to be great!"

The key for me is that I'm not "constructing" my drawings from basic shapes like I used to - ovals for the head- cylinders for the torso and limbs, etc. I just let myself go and trust in the arabesque. Within minutes, I had all three figures (and their violins) outlined. They look amazingly lifelike. I was making very focused effort - but not struggling at all.

Your instruction and support are transforming people's lives.

C. Lachowin,
Wisconson, USA

Conte study of Sonya. Detail.

Michael Britton is an internationally recognized artist and teacher trained at the Ontario College of Art (Toronto), the Art Students' League (New York City) and the New York Academy of Art Masters Program.

Artacademy.com evolved from the Vancouver Academy of Art (1997 - 2004) of which Michael was the Artistic Director.

He has taught workshops and courses at innumerable institutions worldwide for the past 25 years.


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