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'I've learnt more from your video workshops than I have from my previous face to face courses combined and at a fraction of the cost. Your teaching is comprehensive, yet clear and engaging.'

P. Delaney


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ALLA PRIMA! Learn to paint portraits that breath with life!

Michael Britton

Workshop 1: Rembrandt Laughing

More than just a video! More than just an Ebook!

A new way of learning how to paint alla prima portraits in oil at home. Videos are great but they are limited in instilling a deep understanding of the painting process. Ebooks are excellent but cannot convey the tempo of painting and, most importantly, how to work the brush.

PLUS because knowing facial anatomy is absolutely critical to the portrait artist I am including my Atlas of Facial Anatomy and the accompanying 90-minute video FREE!

PLUS a 30-minute video on painting the pochade. This is the thumbnail sketch wherein your composition and color scheme are worked out.

PLUS I am including step-by-step full scale images so that you can compare your progress to mine. That's important to keeping you on track.

LAST, BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST! FEEDBACK! That's right! This is the singularly biggest drawback to studying at home. The workshop includes a written critique of your finished painting.

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Portrait Drawing Lessons ... and more!

Dear Michael,

I completed the download last night and watched every video. I am hugely impressed with both the content and presentation. You succeeded in entertaining as well as educating me.

I purchased your portrait drawing course some time ago and realized I needed the Fundamentals of Drawing first. So you have not only taught me how to draw portraits, you have taught me how to draw anything, how to develop good working habits and how to stay motivated. Thank you so much!

Best Wishes

Bridget Becker, USA

Learn how to draw portraits and faces like a Master

There are numerous methods to portrait drawing. But they can all be categorized into two approaches: drawing from the inside out and drawing from the outside in. The former is the purview of the untrained artist who, inevitably will stumble their way through art.

The most common beginner's error is to start with an eye and 'grow' out the face from there. Once in a while you will get a decent drawing but such a method lacks both unity and consistency.

Drawing from the outside in is far, far superior, particularly when it comes to painting.

When you are beginning to draw a portrait the first, all-important step is to establish the overall outside shape of the head. Most artists call the outside shape the contour, envelope is also used. I prefer to call this initial step striking the arabesque. This entails accurately gauging both the height/width proportion and the actual shape.

Portrait drawing lessons

It takes the trained artist less than 30 seconds to sketch in that outside shape ... it is a lightning quick dash that speaks more of a fast paced dance than a laborious study. If terminology implies intent then arabesque fits the bill.

The likeness of your portrait is determined by that initial big shape. Everything else is subservient to it. From there it is a matter of breaking down the big shape into the smaller corresponding shapes such as the features, hair, neck, etc.

No one is born with this skill. We all have had to acquire it.

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Whether you want to paint, sculpt or draw portraits - Drawing is the foundation of all art. This is a truth, which has been taught for centuries by all the greatest masters and still holds true today even if you only want to do expressionistic or abstract art.

An enormous amount of thought and care has been put into developing these instant download programs as a total package for your highest learning advantage.

Another truism is painting mistakes are generally drawing mistakes. As a figurative painter, I can tell you this is an infallible truth. Master your drawing now and save yourself heartbreak later. It is quite disillusioning to spend weeks and months on a painting and as it nears completion all of those drawing errors begin to emerge and take center stage.

Portrait drawing lessons | The Compleat Studo Collection

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