Portrait Painter Magazine

The December 2023 issues features Louis Betts: The Ebauche ... over an hour of video lessons on how to begin a painting;

The Understructure of Painting ... an introduction to dynamic composition and how to make your portrait paintings even more engaging.

Creative Process: Painting Emma ... how I develop a painting, step-by-step, from beginning to end, inclusive of my failures and triumphs.

Portrait Painter Magazine - December 2023

The January 2024 issue features The Teaching Process of John Singer Sargent ;

The Understructure of Painting ... using the critical composition tools: the Rabement and Reciprocals

Painting Carmella ... copying Sargent's 'Carmela Bertegna' step-by-step

and continuing with the Pentimento: First Pass of Painting Louis Betts

Portrait Painter Magazine - January 2024

The February 2024 issue features the father of realism Gustave Courbet ;

The Understructure of Painting ... examines Courbet's employment of the Root Phi dynamic rectangle in 'Woman in the Waves';

Creative Process ... features Ancien Printemps: A trony's struggle

Portrait Painter Magazine - February 2024

The March 2024 issue features the Spanish master of illusionism Diego Velazquez;

The Understructure of Painting Finding the Edge;

Creative Process James. Painting African-American flesh tones.

Portrait Painter Magazine - March 2024